Brokerage Activation Process:

Hello and Welcome to the Activation process for ClearPay.  Let’s make this easy – we created a Wizard to help you through. All you need are the items in the list below and your username and temporary password!

To receive your username and temporary password, simply click on the “Lets Get You Started” link below and you will receive an email with the temporary credentials and a list of the required information that you see below.

Activate now Register Brokerage.

Broker Master User – 8 Steps to the ClearPay™ Online Activation:

  1. Add your Key Approver – A Key Approver must have the Authority within the Brokerage to confirm Bank Account details, confirm the Master Brokerage Administrator and have signing authority for Legal Agreements and PADs.
  2. Add your Brokerage’s Bank Account(s) Information – including the Cash Journal assigned in your BMS
  3. Map your Payees (Carriers)
  4. Customize your Brokerage Settings
  5. Technical Integration – Tell us who you partner with
  6. Add additional Approvers ( Persons within your brokerage who have cheque signing authority)
  7. Add Additional Users
  8. Completed

Required Information:

  1. Details for One Trust and One Operating Bank Account – including bank, transit, account numbers and authorized signatories.
  2. Email Address and Contact for the Key person who approves payment to Carriers
  3. A list of your current Carriers & office locations
  4. Cheque Signing Controls (Approval) ( single signature or two per cheque)
  5. List of All additional Offices that will be active in ClearPay
  6. List of Additional Approvers
  7. List of Employees who require access to ClearPay
  8. Are you currently using WARP, NEXCenter or another third party solution to connect to your Carriers? If so, which one?

 Let’s Get you started!!