Carrier Activation Process:

Hello and Welcome to the Activation process for ClearPay. We make this easy – there is NO integration or IT support required.  Simply contact us and we we’ll get you set-up . All you need are the items in the list below.

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NO Integration/IT involvement… NO development costs:

  • Quick and Easy implementation, with little allocation of internal resources
  • No time and material charges to implement ClearPay, all we need is listed below.

A ClearPay representative will provide all appropriate agreements and documentation to get started:

  • ClearPay client support will walk you through the set-up and account settings that are required.

Determine how you would like to receive the Reconciliation Report:

  • What file format would you like the report in?
  • What delivery method would you like? (Secure log-in through ClearPay site or direct web services feed)

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Make life easier for your brokers and your accounting team

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