In both building the ClearPay solution, engaging in service suppliers and ongoing monitoring of system integrity, we have put security at the forefront.  This includes engaging parties with extensive experience in working with international banking institutions who understand critical design and operational needs to maintain highest level security.

In data storage, our provider holds the highest level certification as required by both financial and health care institutions for data management.  Our systems utilize a variety of methods to protect from unauthorized users and stored data is protected with 256 bit encryption.

Our direct communication connections with banks and utilization of standard security protocols like SSL and SFTP further protect data during transmission.  ClearPay will make all efforts to ensure that any parties involved with the transmission of data will also provide the same level of protection of data as ClearPay.

Privacy Guidelines

ClearPay deals with confidential personal and corporation information from clients.  We recognize every individual’s right to privacy and the obligation to preserve this in the utmost confidential manner.  Data is held only for a limited time period and discarded at regularly scheduled intervals or held for the mandatory period required under current banking rules.

Any access is restricted to limited ClearPay management and staff that require access to fulfill duties to our customers.  All system access and use is fully recorded and monitored at regular intervals.  All staff annually attest to ClearPay’s Privacy guidelines, which includes the provision to question any compliance with these guidelines directly with ClearPay’s CEO.